As 2021 quickly approaches, we’re examining significant trends rippling through the event, social media and public relations industries.
Beyond creating content & growing your following, it is crucial to align social media goals with your company’s business & marketing goals.
Winter is here and now is the time to creatively enhance your business’ social media presence to fit the current season.
With screen time continually on the rise, brands incorporating lifestyle influencers can reach engaged audiences with the click of a button.
Everyday Las Vegas restaurants incorporate local food influencers into public relations, marketing and advertising campaigns to raise awareness and drive sales.
As public relations, marketing & social media experts, we’ve compiled our top tips for beating a pitching slump with creative holidays below.
In the public relations world, there’s a slim chance you’ll gain media coverage by simply writing a news release then crossing your fingers, hoping a journalist will inquire about an interview.

Beyond hooking your audience with a strong, captivating introduction, it’s essential for great writing to be error-free. Any type of writing, whether it is standard email correspondence or news writing, should contain excellent spelling, grammar and punctuation.

When grammar mistakes...

As experienced public relations and social media experts, we’ve outlined effective ways to give your Instagram content a creative edge. From well-designed, customized graphics to hidden Instagram Story features, an aesthetically pleasing feed and compiled links.
As experienced public relations and marketing professionals, we’ve outlined the types of photos every business should invest in — images that create positive impressions of your company, authenticity and trust, media coverage and emotional connections with future customers.