November 2, 2020

Top Las Vegas Food Influencers to Watch

Everyday Las Vegas restaurants incorporate local food influencers into public relations, marketing and advertising campaigns to raise awareness and drive sales. According to a Facebook survey, Instagram’s owner, 83 percent of users say they discover new products and services through Instagram. Because influencers are focused on providing exceptional value and great content for their communities, audiences are more likely to trust influencers’ opinions about specific dishes or dining experiences.

Recently, Las Vegas Entrepreneurs Magazine published “15 Las Vegas Foodies You Should Know 2020.” These local food influencers give Las Vegas restaurants exposure to a large following on social media. If consumers see their favorite influencer post an enjoyable restaurant experience, they are more likely to visit.

Read on to learn about Las Vegas’ top food influencers and the types of content they produce (in alphabetical order):


Amberlei Arianne (@amberallurestyle on Instagram) shares food and lifestyle content with her 77.6k followers on Instagram that features a feminine aesthetic. Restaurants she visits, such as Café Lola, make for great photo opportunities, giving her account a creative edge.


Danielle Perea (@danielleperea on Instagram) is a local influencer and the mastermind behind her blog titled, “Danielle Perea | Life & Style of a Vegas Girl.” She blogs about local eateries, beauty, music and fashion. Perea also offers discount codes to her followers on Instagram incentivizing them to shop with select brands.


@fitfoodie_lasvegas shares a variety of healthy dining options along with crave-worthy treats, showing his followers it’s okay to eat what you want and still be healthy. He showcases a variety of ideas on where to stop for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.


Jaclyn (@foodievegas on Instagram) highlights the best restaurants and cafés in Southern Nevada from breakfast to late-night bites. Not only does she feature signature entrees and drinks from top Las Vegas eateries, her content also details restaurant promotions so her followers can enjoy discounted pricing or free menu items.


@hanginwithhaley creates food, lifestyle, beauty and skincare content for her 69k followers on social media. In addition, her blog details cover health and fitness tips, what life in Las Vegas is like and product reviews. Haley posts her homemade cooking videos with very unique recipes on her Instagram including her tempting white chocolate potato chip pecan clusters. She also frequently shares giveaways on her page to give back to her fans.


Suzy Hendrix (@happytummy_702 on Instagram) shares content from restaurants around town along with her own food tutorials. Her Instagram Stories showcase where in town she’s dining at each day and her bio features the food she is craving at that particular moment.


With amazing photography of tempting dishes around Las Vegas such as the salmon with teriyaki glaze and corn from Soho Sushi Burrito, @inandoutofvegas shares her favorite entrees with her 17.3k followers on Instagram. Her website also features blog posts including things to do in Las Vegas, gift ideas and much more.


Aileen Duffek (@Kauaiian65 on Instagram) shares elegantly plated dishes along with behind the scenes content on her IGTV. In addition, she also shares original recipes such as her signature ube and coconut pudding on her blog titled, “Honest Food Talks.”


Philip Tzeng (@lasvegasfill on Instagram) creates mouthwatering, close-up videos of tasty treats for his 180k Instagram followers. It’s easy to spend hours watching videos of him cutting into cheesy calzones, dipping lobster into garlic butter and tearing apart a wood-fired pizza.


Cielo Fronteras (@mermaidinheels on Instagram) is a food blogger with a total of 91.6k followers on Instagram. Her feed is filled with photos and videos from local Las Vegas cafés and restaurants, giveaways and more. Her fun, upbeat Instagram Reel of breakfast treats at Kacie’s Bakery will leave you wanting breakfast for every meal.


In addition to his role as a reporter on the FOX5 MORE Show, Mike Davis features trending restaurants on his Instagram, @michaelmikedavis. Davis gives followers detailed descriptions about up-and-coming restaurants as well as an insider’s look into new menu items.


Krystal Gallimore (@mrs_happy_gallimore_ on Instagram) shares vlogs, unboxings and helpful reviews on her IGTV. With a passion for supporting local businesses and giving her followers new ideas for their next night out, Gallimore posts honest reviews of her favorite eateries and cuisines such as Caribbean fusion and fresh fruit dipped in chocolate.


Originally from London and now based out of Las Vegas, @thehungrylilmonkey documents her favorite restaurants as well as her travels. Rachel finds unique restaurants throughout Las Vegas to share with her followers including new eateries with all-natural and GMO-free menus.


Lindsay Stewart (@thelasvegadfoodie on Instagram) frequently posts menu item prices and videos of dishes being prepared for her 278k followers on social media. Stewart’s website,, showcases one-of-a-kind deals including free drink specials.


Amanda (@vegas_so_vicious on Instagram) is a food and lifestyle blogger. She roams Las Vegas trying new restaurants and sharing honest reviews with her followers. She also frequently highlights vegetarian and vegan options throughout the town so there’s something for everyone on her page. Her kids are also a big part of her life so she frequently posts kid-friendly restaurant options for all the moms and families following her.

With the proper social media strategy, these local influencers raise brand awareness, drive sales to restaurants and engage large audiences in meaningful conversations about particular topics. To learn more about how The Vox Agency incorporates influencers into paid and organic social media campaigns, contact us.


By Isioma Okwueze