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We are authoritative, proactive and passionate in our public relations efforts, delivering results our clients seek. Our services raise our clients’ image, outreach and bottom-line results.


Strategic Planning + Management: Creating and executing detailed communications and public relations campaigns from start to finish. This includes writing press kits (news releases, camera calls, media and photo advisories, spokesperson bios and accompanying headshots, fact sheets, PDFs and personalized online photo webpage for easy downloading of photos and videos), brand messaging and distributing news releases and announcements to local, regional, national and international media outlets.

Crisis Communications: Training staff and preparing for a media relations crisis, then executing sound media strategies and serving as the media liaison from the moment crisis strikes. The team will also create statements on behalf of the spokespersons and company and handle all incoming media requests, as well as stay in touch with assigned public information officers (PIOs) on an as-needed basis. When there is a crisis, this service is available 24/7.

Community Relations: Targeting non-profit organizations and corresponding boards of directors and companies, as well as community influencers to develop relationships and campaigns. The agency will proactively seek new opportunities within the community, as well as introduce you to our plethora of well-established contacts.

Media Training: Collaborating with all key media spokespersons to properly prepare for media interviews no matter the medium nor circumstances. This will include a half or full day training session. Mock interviews will be videotaped in order to be studied and analyzed. Questions are based on the client and potential interview subjects at hand.

Branding: Collaborating with all marketing teams to determine a unique name and identity that will resonate with key target audiences and demographics. With consistency being key, the brand will be integrated into all efforts including public relations, social media, digital marketing and promotions.


Social Media: Developing strategies that complement the messaging and timing of the public relations and advertising campaigns. This includes the creation of a detailed strategy and writing and posting across various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube and many more.

Digital Marketing: Creating multiple digital platforms that complement one another in order to boost and increase search engine optimization (SEO). From eNewsletters to website blogs to social media posts, everything is created to communicate consistent messaging and branding.

Advertising: Creating print, online, television and radio ads, as well as purchasing the space in key media outlets in order to maximize awareness.

Photography: Image is everything. We can provide high-res, media-friendly photographs consistent with your branding and story. On-staff photographers are available to shoot events, interiors/ exteriors, products and headshots for select spokespeople.


Trade-Based Promotions: Collaborating with media outlets and production companies to maximize exposure through strategic promotional opportunities. This includes creating opportunities with top-tier media and productions ranging from newscasts to nationally-syndicated talk shows for clients to giveaway products in a high-profile setting that meaningful and memorable.

Event Strategy + Staffing: Assisting with the execution of grand openings, special events, organizing media FAMS, red carpets and more. The team can create media-friendly events, invitations, guest lists and handle all incoming RSVPs, in addition to setting up, staffing and tearing down on the day of the event.

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We offer a true experience working for a PR agency. Skip filing. Instead, learn to write news releases and social media posts. Staff photo shoots. Attend client meetings. You’ll truly know what it is to work in public relations and social media.

The Vox Agency internships are not paid but do fulfill all requirements for colleges and universities. To apply, please send your resume and information to for more information.