November 30, 2020

Winter Content Ideas for Businesses

Winter is here and now is the time to creatively enhance your business’ social media presence to fit the current season. As social media and digital marketing trends constantly emerge, it is crucial to pivot and interact with consumers on new platforms with useful content to stand out from the competition. By creating new and timely content, your business is able to stay engaged with followers while maintaining their interest. Creative seasonal content allows businesses to actively engage with consumers while sharing updated company information. Read on to learn ways you can help your business create seasonal copy to draw in readers and eye-catching content just in time for the holidays:

Create Winter-Themed Pictures

Green and red signal the start of the holiday season while blue and white cue the cooling down of the weather so change up your color scheme to create a winter page aesthetic. Share pictures of beautiful winter scenery or photos of seasonal products or services. Even if your business doesn’t own any winter-themed imagery, utilize Canva for an array of free seasonal photos.

Announce Upcoming Winter Trends

Trends can help your business find new customer leads. Social media allows businesses to spot customers engaging with new trends and creates a new opportunity to spark up a conversation. For winter, let your audience know what popular activities, products or services are trending in your industry. Being the first to spot an emerging trend also establishes you as a thought leader in your field which opens the door for future earned media opportunities.

Promote a Winter Sale

Although Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the most prominent shopping days of the year, highlight your business’ holiday shopping deals for those looking to avoid the craziness or crashing internet sites. Celebrate the start of the winter season with a special winter-themed sale or encourage the use of discount codes shared on social media.

Host a Contest

A perfect way to showcase your business’ page while fostering audience engagement is to host a contest on social media with a prize for winners. Ask followers to feature their best holiday decor or perhaps their most creative Santa costumes. Social media contests can provide large amounts of user-generated content and boosts activity and followers on your pages.

Offer Helpful Holiday Tips

The holidays can be a stressful time for your target audience. Offering helpful advice can help put followers’ minds at ease. Suggest how to buy gifts on a budget or present gift guides for men and women. Some of your followers may have to spend the holidays away from family so recommend easy recipes for a holiday dinner or your favorite holiday treats. Promote how your business makes life easier for your audience so they will have little less to stress about.

Celebrate the Season of Giving

Giving doesn’t mean buying elaborate Christmas gifts. Encourage your target audience to donate to non-profits or give time and talent by volunteering at various local community organizations. Set an example by sharing how your business is giving back to the community. Showing how your business gives during the winter season can boost brand awareness as well as giving your customers insight into your company values.

Appreciate the Winter Season Indoors

With most traditional holiday parties or winter activities cancelled this year, brainstorm ideas to help your audience enjoy the chilly season from the comfort of their own homes. Challenge followers to make epic gingerbread houses or gather with family to make DIY ornaments and decorations. Make your business’ page the go-to place for followers to find inspiration to supplement traditional activities with some cozy fun.

Now your business is prepared to take on the winter season with ideas to create engaging, seasonal content. Remember to constantly engage with your followers and promote brand awareness but have fun in celebrating the holidays. Interested in getting started? The Vox Agency is here to boost your social media presence and increase brand awareness. Click here to get in touch.

By Alyssa Yamamoto