March 3, 2021

Upgrade Your Digital Marketing With This Checklist

With so many ways to market your company using the internet, it can be easy to let something slip through the cracks. Social media platforms for businesses, including Yelp, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more, each require tailored messaging. Of course, companies also need to pay constant attention to their website, digital ad campaigns and email newsletters.

When businesses need to make quick decisions regarding closures and reopenings, it’s crucial for digital marketing and communication to move just as quickly. Picture your favorite restaurant finally reopening after months of shutting its doors. The food is prepared and the staff is ready to welcome customers back. However, the restaurant forgot to update their current hours on Yelp. This causes confusion among digital audiences and, unfortunately for everyone involved, turns many customers away because they were unaware of the reopening.

To avoid miscommunication and to market your business effectively online, we’ve compiled a checklist of everything your business needs to streamline your digital messaging. Read on to learn about ways to give your digital marketing an upgrade today.


Local listings such as Yelp and Google My Business should reflect the latest information from your business while keeping customers connected to you. Making a Yelp business listing is quick, easy and free. Not only are you able to add photos showcasing the best of your business, you can also update business information instantly and respond to messages as soon as they come in. For sharing information regarding COVID-19, businesses can create special updates about delivery or takeout services, reservation requirements and more.

Google My Business is just as essential. This free tool takes minutes to set up and provides businesses with the ability to list their locations on Google Maps and local search results. It also promptly showcases your phone number and website, making it easy for customers to find more information should they need it. Google My Business is also available as a smartphone app, making it convenient to create changes or respond to reviews on the go.


Whether your business is finally reopening or you’re sharing updated COVID-19 company policies, your website should reflect the most up-to-date information. recommends creating a reopening FAQ page. In a single place, customers are able to find more information about how your business is handling COVID-19-related mandates. As with your business listings, your website should also reflect current hours and any information you need customers to know.


Perhaps your business is ready to extend hours of operation or welcome a higher volume of customers. Popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are ideal for sharing these announcements. Throughout the pandemic, social media sites continue to experience an increase in usage. With elevated web traffic, announcements on social media enable users to learn new information and quickly share with friends and family. Now is also the right time to create updated social media ads. To learn more about the latest social media ad trends in 2021, click here.


While keeping your messaging consistent on every social and digital platform, sending email newsletters to customers on a regular basis is another effective way to share updates. Whether it’s monthly or quarterly, keeping your customers engaged and letting them know you’re doing everything you can to keep them safe establishes trust and loyalty. It’s also another great method for sharing information with customers who may not be actively searching for you but still want to stay in the loop.

With a team comprised of digital marketing and social media experts, The Vox Agency is here to create and execute a digital checklist aligned with your brand and messaging.  To create awareness and trust, streamlining your messaging across all digital channels is essential. Whether it’s email newsletters, website blogs or social media posts, we’re here to help you create content on multiple digital platforms that complement one another and increase search engine optimization. Click here to get in touch.