January 25, 2021

Social Media Ad Trends in 2021

With new social media advertising trends emerging, small businesses with limited marketing dollars no longer need to budget for lengthy scripted videos, expensive film crews or paid actors and models. As user-generated content and simplistic video footage becomes more popular, brands are now able to reach and engage with key target audiences using social ads made on smartphones.

To maximize returns on social media ad campaigns, it is crucial to understand the latest trends in grammar, copy length and tone, as well as best practices for creating captivating visual assets to improve ad performance. With social media platforms constantly evolving with new features and algorithm changes, we’ve outlined our top tips for optimizing ads to drive traffic to your website and increase your bottom line.

Read on to learn about the top social media advertising trends emerging in 2021.


According to, social network ad spending in the United States will rise by 11.4 percent to more than $40 billion this year. As the number of advertisements on social media continues to grow exponentially, marketers must create ads that blend in with organic content. Social Media Examiner recommends creating ads mimicking the Facebook news feed in terms of copy and imagery. The more an ad blends in with organic content, the less likely users are to skip the ad and continue scrolling. When it comes to Instagram, Story ads appearing authentic and organic, as opposed to overly polished or produced, tend to have more staying power. Adding a level of personality, with a welcoming message and style, will also help your ad stand out.


On social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, less-formal ad copy is acceptable. Social Media Examiner recommends analyzing your target audience and how they write when they text or message their friends. For instance, people in their twenties tend to use sentence fragments in their texts and don’t use a lot of punctuation. If your Facebook ad copy reflects their texting style, you might see your results improve. In terms of copy length, Hootsuite recommends making the visuals the star and keeping the messaging supplementary. Keep text minimal, with just enough information to intrigue users to click your link or “swipe up.”


Video holds our attention five times longer than an image, according to Hootsuite. With such a small amount of time to make an impression on viewers, video helps you get your message across to potential customers before they lose interest. The videos you create for social media ads don’t need a high production value or look like a commercial you could air on TV, either, according to Social Media Examiner. In fact, videos taken on a phone can be super-effective because they’ll closely mimic the content users are already seeing from friends and family they follow.


To authentically connect with consumers while driving sales, Forbes recommends a user-generated content (UGC) strategy. UGC not only provides a great resource for businesses with smaller advertising budgets, but also fosters a sense of authenticity and trust. Today, advertisers strive to connect with people whose lifestyles, needs and preferences genuinely mesh with products and services being promoted. The idealized and glamorized “what could be” is being replaced with “what actually is,” illustrating how a product can make the lives of average consumers better and easier. Forbes also states that UGC helps build trust because many people trust consumer opinions posted online more than other types of traditional advertising.

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