June 26, 2019


Whenever one finds out they have added work to do on top of their ever-growing list of responsibilities, that’s just not fun. That was the initial reaction we all felt when we discussed revitalizing our website in the wake of transitioning to our new name, The Vox Agency. We questioned, “What do we have to say as a PR agency?” After all, our job, first and foremost is to get media around the world to talk about our high-profile clients who include attractions, destination dining and non-profit organizations.

Public Relations Blogging

Once we began brainstorming – which included everything from poling interns about what they see coming down the road in the public relations industry to our more senior staff opining about where they currently see things based upon decades of experience, it turns out we have a lot to say about Las Vegas public relations and much, much more.

As we post, you will see a mix of reflections from what we have experienced as PR professionals since beginning in the 90s to our interns, who have much to say when it comes to everything from media relations to social media and even what Gen-Z sees, buys and wants.

Over the next few months – we will attempt to tackle relevant topics such as the burgeoning sports market in Las Vegas (I mean, the city becomes Raider Nation in 2020. I’m a Las Vegas native and of all the ways I ever envisioned watching football…) to the new tips and tricks for AP-style writing in 2019 and a few blog posts along the way regarding what interns want and what you should be seeking when bringing on that next college student to mentor. One of my favorites: why everyone needs to diversify their feed.

For me, as the owner and partner, I initially thought this would be a laborious task and really, wouldn’t have too much to say. But thanks to the right coaching from our amazing partner in digital marketing, we have a plethora of blogs written and ready for you to start reading at your leisure. Thank you for hopping onto our website and we hope you enjoy!

~ Marina Nicola