September 26, 2019


The idea of being an intern can be scary. You are not sure what exactly to expect. Being a second time public relations (PR) intern and speaking with many classmates who have also had internships, there are generally a few things most interns agree that they want:

Interns are not looking for a sugar-coated version of the real world. While this may seem appealing at first, in reality – it is not helpful. Giving interns a good idea about the different day-to-day responsibilities of your job, various aspects of the position and job requirements can be quite helpful. It teaches interns not only what they can expect from the job when they graduate, but also how to manage the job successfully.

Asking Questions
For an intern to accomplish a project correctly, they may need to ask many questions. These questions are based on the specific task and on the intern. The point of every question is to ensure the task or assignment is being done correctly. If interns do not feel comfortable asking questions, the work may be done incorrectly, or an explanation may need to be given after it has been turned in.

Even a small amount of feedback with a simple “thank you” at the end can make any intern feel like what they accomplished truly helped. Big or small, interns try their hardest on task or assignment they are given in order to impress their colleagues and to gain knowledge for the workforce. Feedback can include anything from “This is perfect” to “This is great, maybe next time even add…” This helps interns know exactly what you’re looking for, but also lets them know you appreciate their work.

PR Interns - What They Are Looking for in an Internship

The Interview
One of the most nerve-wracking parts of being an intern happens before you even become one. The interview. No matter how many interviews you have had, generally nerves will be present. Here are three tips for an interview:

1. Do Your Research

    When going for an interview it is important to know about the company you are hoping to intern for. This shows interest in the company’s work and gives you, the intern, a good idea about what you’ll be doing. This can also help you explain where you would be most useful as an intern.

2. Be Prepared to Talk About Yourself

    After all, the interview is to get to you know you. Your resume is not an exact reflection of who you are. The interview is a good way for you to describe your goals, skills and what exactly you hope to accomplish through the internship. While it may seem awkward to have an entire conversation revolving around you, that is what an interview is about: you, what you can offer the company. The interviewer will most likely tell you about the company, but the majority of the time will be focused on you and your abilities.

3. Ask Questions

    Not only does asking questions during an interview show your genuine interest but depending on the question can also be a reflection of your personal research. Asking questions during an interview shows a curious mind, which is what companies like to see. It is important for you to be able to understand what exactly is expected of you, and if this was not clear in the description or discussion, it is best to ask questions during the interview in order to have a clear understanding.

~ Abigail Denny