November 26, 2019


Vocus was a PR software company that developed software to help PR professionals with external communications. They merged with Cision AB to become Cision Inc. in 2014. Cision Inc. creates “Holistic PR Software” that can identify influencers, craft campaigns and attribute value from the broadest spectrum of media sources. Their software is separated into six different categories to help professionals with various needs.

Cision has a large database that can connect you to influencers, identify what members of your key audience are searching and alerts you to what media contacts will get your message out. Their database also gives you the ability to track what your team is working on and the performance of your social posts. This database and associated tools are very important to a PR professional

Cision Distribution is part of their software which gives you access to new audiences by communicating across multiple channels. Being a part of Cision’s network is beneficial to a PR professional because it connects you to everyone that is also a part of it, this can help to improve search visibility of your brand by 50% according to Cision surveys.

Monitoring your audience, social media and news outlets has become easier with Cision. Professionals in the industry can use these monitoring tools to stay connected to what your audience is talking about, how your brand is being perceived, and what is being reported on around the world. Cision gives you access to 2 million+ stories, keeps you connected to your news 24/7 and connects you to 150+ other countries.

Cision can help professionals with understanding their analytics. These analytic tools can help you with earned media and website integrations. For earned media they can illustrate how well your brand is positioned in news media coverage. This is beneficial for your business as well as your clients because you’ll be able to see where you need to bring your attention to. Website analytics are important because you can view foot traffic of a website and see where people are focusing their attention on your website.

PR professionals can track the impact of their Placed Media and Earned Media. You can see who interacts with your content, how they interacted with it and what influences end consumer activity. This is everything to a PR professional because you need to see how your content is performing in the wild and what works and what doesn’t.

Cision is a very useful tool for PR professionals because it gives you an arsenal of tools to help you develop your skills and accelerate your business to become bigger and better.

By: Jacob Woods