July 27, 2021

The Power of Podcasting

When it comes to growing a business and increasing PR opportunities, utilizing every resource available is key. Aside from well-known social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok and YouTube, there are also podcast channels to aid businesses’ marketing and publicity efforts.

For the listener, podcasts are extremely convenient because of the simplicity of being able to listen in at any time of day and in any setting. According to Digital 22, many people choose to listen to podcasts because it’s an easy way of absorbing information quickly. In addition, there are a variety of podcast hosting platforms and apps such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify Podcasts, Google Play and more that are accessible by listeners across the globe.

When it comes to utilizing podcasts as means for maximizing your business’ exposure in front of key target audiences, here are a few benefits and ways to get your brand’s message in front of listeners.


According to Designhill, appearing on podcasts as a guest can help you reach up to millions of new listeners. When you appear on a show, it provides you with a platform to share your latest company news and kickstart new business opportunities. In addition, appearing on podcasts within your niche allows you to reach your key target audience through earned media coverage.

Being a guest on a new podcast allows you to build a relationship with the host, making it easier for a return appearance, according to Spin Sucks. These earned media opportunities over time will keep your brand top of mind, allowing you to achieve your business goals. Once you’ve established a presence in front of a new audience, you are then able to drive traffic to other areas of your company, including sales.


This tactic is vital for growing and establishing a successful business. Designhill states customers’ and clients’ loyalty toward your brand will determine the success of your business. Unlike visual content, with podcasting the listener is able to envision an image of the person speaking, allowing them to build a relationship with that person or company. Building genuine connections rather than strictly transactional ones will entice your audience to come back for more of your products or services later on because you’re offering more value rather than just trying to sell to them. According to Digital 22, a voice can engage an audience much more effectively than written words on a page. The podcast host and guest speakers help build trust, trust that eventually helps sell products or services.


With podcasting, it’s very easy to collaborate with guests and chat about new, exciting topics both parties can engage in. Inviting influential thought leaders within your industry on a podcast can offer opportunities for them to speak highly of your brand.  This will go a long way in building faith and brand authority, according to Designhill. In addition, collaborating with influencers can also bring in revenue depending on the collaboration and the terms agreed upon.


With the use of branding, listeners will begin to familiarize themselves with your company, turning you into a household name, as stated in Designhill. When your brand is in front of your key target audience, people will begin to easily remember you. This exposure over time is a powerful tool.

In podcasting, branding can be as subtle as mentioning your company name in the intro and outro, placing your logo as the cover image of each recording and more. This aids in listeners remembering you without feeling like they’re being sold or advertised to which offers a huge advantage for remaining authentic, according to Digital 22.


For businesses interested in starting a podcast of their own, it can be a simple, straightforward process due to the small amount of equipment needed to begin. Designhill recommends a computer for recording, a microphone for audio and a software program for editing. For novices, apps such as Anchor are also available to help you get started with your own podcast using your cell phone.

Utilizing all resources and forms of media available to help increase PR opportunities can help boost your company’s brand awareness and reach. Understanding the benefits of podcasting can open new doors of marketing strategies you may not have been aware of, leading to new, valuable business opportunities.

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By Harley Gagnon