March 12, 2024

The Enduring Power of Earned Media: True Editorial News Coverage in the Digital Age

In the dynamic realm of digital marketing, an array of strategies can be implemented to capture the attention of target audiences, including search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, social media marketing, email newsletters, influencers, affiliate marketing and more. While these tools are popular among marketers in 2024, there lies another tried-and-true tactic for reaching and growing your target audience: true editorial news coverage.

While digital marketing trends shift, come and go, editorial coverage endures as the ultimate tactic due to its credibility and authenticity. With true third-party coverage, audiences recognize the significance of unbiased opinions shared from trusted sources. Read on to learn more about how your brand can benefit from true editorial coverage in the digital age.


One of the most crucial aspects distinguishing earned media from other forms of digital marketing is trust. Consumers have grown increasingly skeptical of sponsored content and paid influencer endorsements, recognizing the financial motives behind these collaborations. In contrast, true editorial news coverage and earned media are perceived as more credible, offering an unbiased perspective on products, services or brands.

According to Cision, just half of consumers trust paid ads while 92% say they trust earned media. While paid media may offer more control, effective marketing requires the audience to believe what they read, emphasizing the importance of earned media in the age of distrust.


This month, Google announced it is implementing news ways to tackle spammy, low-quality content on search. Gone are the days of marketers using AI to generate lousy blogs inundated with key search teams to boost their ranking on Google, according to Fast Company. With this massive change to the search algorithm, Google will continue to surface the most helpful information on the web and reduce unoriginal, AI-driven content. This means true editorial coverage from reputable news outlets will remain paramount to reaching target audiences.


In the pursuit of metrics such as social media post reach, click-through rates and website traffic, marketers may sometimes overlook the lasting impact of true editorial coverage. The influence of a positive review or feature in a reputable publication can extend far beyond immediate conversions. Editorial coverage contributes to building brand credibility, authority and a positive public perception. All of these factors will certainly pay dividends over time.

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, the importance of earned media and true editorial news coverage cannot be overstated. Objective third-party endorsements continue to hold sway in the hearts and minds of consumers, offering authenticity that is often missing in paid content. With a team of specialists in digital marketing, social media and public relations, The Vox Agency is dedicated to helping you connect with your desired audience and communicate in a way that truly resonates. Click here to get in touch.