October 26, 2019

How Muck Rack is Changing Public Relations

Muck Rack is a software designed for public relations professionals and journalists alike to connect to each other and work together more efficiently. It allows PR professionals to find journalists to cover their stories while equally giving the journalist a platform to present their portfolios and examples of their work. Muck Rack challenges traditional PR databases by incorporating new tools previous databases did not have.

With the integration of Twitter and combined with monitoring reporter’s coverage, Muck Rack makes it possible to get a more complete view of a reporter’s area of expertise. Not only is Muck Rack using Twitter, they also use Facebook, Tumblr, Quora, Google+ and LinkedIn. This is useful for publicists as they can pinpoint the perfect reporter to pitch. This software goes as far as sending alerts when journalists Tweet about relevant terms. Muck Rack ensures quality reporting by incentivizing journalists to keep their information accurate and complete to become agencies’ media contact. These journalists are also vetted by Muck Rack editors.

Muck Rack connects public relations professionals and journalists

Muck Rack keeps a live database with up-to-date media contacts. This is great for a PR professional because it relieves the hassle of manually updating a media list. These media lists can be precisely-targeted for each type of pitch. Pitches can also be customized to fit every type of journalist. Muck Rack encourages relationship building with media contacts instead of relying on cold pitching to various journalists to cover a news release. Users can also find contacts outside regular circles. This grows media lists and maintains good relationships with media contacts making for headache-free media pitching.

Users measure impact with Muck Rack’s reporting and graphing features by generating reports that can be shared with colleagues and clients and track a campaign’s success. These features can help an agency with keeping clients and team members informed and what direction a campaign needs to go even in the middle of it.

Stay connected and to clients and be alerted for the chance to gain more with alerts from Muck Rack. These alerts are useful to a PR professional because alerts will be sent for new opportunities to grow the agency and stay connected to a client during a crisis to deal with it quickly.

This software is extremely useful to a PR professional and brings new and innovative ideas to a public relations database. Stay connected to the press like never before and find comfort in media contacts.

By: Jacob Woods