Fact Sheets

The Mob Museum – General Fact Sheet

The Mob Museum, the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, is a world-class destination in downtown Las Vegas. It presents an exciting and authentic view of the Mob’s impact on Las Vegas history…

The Mob Museum’s “Firearms Training Simulator”

Created to focus on methods used to apprehend and prosecute criminals and their organizations, the Firearms Training Simulator represents one of the Museum’s newest, experiential exhibitions.

The Mob Museum’s “Organized Crime Today”

Featuring artifacts, graphics and a large, interactive, 17-foot-wide touchscreen wall, this exhibit tells the story of 21st century organized crime rackets — illegal enterprises that span the globe and profit off everything from drug and…

The Mob Museum’s Crime Lab Fact Sheet

Designed in the spirit of a science center discovery room, the Crime Lab offers guests a hands-on, multimedia exploration of five different forensic science techniques used to prosecute criminals. Guests can choose the order in…

The San Francisco Dungeon Fact Sheet

The San Francisco Dungeon is the first attraction of its kind in North America to bring to life dark stories of the old Bay Area with a full theatrical cast, special effects, gripping storytelling, 360-degree…

The Underground Fact Sheet

An immersive Prohibition history exhibit, featuring a working distillery and speakeasy, located in the basement of The Mob Museum.

The Wellesbourne Fact Sheet

Inspired by 19th English styling, The Wellesbourne (or “The Wellie” as known to Angelenos) is the classic, elegant lounge offering a low-key sanctuary from the bustle of city life.

Vegas Superkarts Fact Sheet

Vegas Superkarts (VSK) by Exotics Racing is the new go-kart attraction and the first to offer a true racing experience where guests drive up to 50 MPH.