November 28, 2023



L to R: Trinitite – The Only Evidence Left of the World’s First Atomic Bomb; Challenge Coin in Bronze.(Photos Courtesy of Chris Wessling for the Atomic Museum)
Signature Gifts Include Evidence from World’s First Atomic Bomb, Admission + Membership Bundles, Authentic Atomic Collectables
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LAS VEGAS (November 2023) – This holiday season, shoppers can discover distinctive atomic-themed gifts for friends and family at the Atomic Museum. Gift ideas include rare evidence from the world’s first atomic bomb, authentic atomic collectables, classic souvenirs and more. In addition, the museum is now offering admission and annual membership bundles.

Shoppers browsing for gifts online should also note that the museum offers free shipping for online orders of $75 or more.

Highlights from the Atomic Museum’s 2023 holiday gifts include:


Museum Admission and Souvenir Bundle
For $54, the Atomic Museum offers an exclusive gift bundle via Virgin Experience Gifts, including individual admission to more than 8,000 square feet of exhibits and a memorable souvenir at the museum store (valued at $25). 

Museum Membership and Souvenir Bundle
For $150, the Atomic Museum offers the ultimate membership bundle via Virgin Experience Gifts, including individual membership for its Top Secret tier and a memorable souvenir from the gift store (valued at $25). Top Secret museum members can enjoy a personalized membership card, museum admission seven days a week, an invitation to the Nevada Test Site Historical Foundation’s annual membership dinner, a complimentary sign-up gift, two single-use guest passes, a 10% discount at the museum store and more.  

Challenge Coins in Silver and Bronze
The Atomic Museum offers two Challenge Coins in silver and bronze available for $1     2 each. Both coins feature the Sedan Crater, the largest man-made crater in the United States formed after one of the most significant blasts in atomic history, and the Nevada National Security Sites. 

Nevada National Security Sites Patch
The museum offers denim patches depicting today’s Nevada National Security Sites. As the perfect gift for collectors, the patch includes the date the former Nevada Test Site was established in Mercury, Nevada. The patches are available for $6 each.

Trinitite – The Only Evidence Left of the World’s First Atomic Bomb
Starting at $45 per piece, Trinitite represents the only evidence left of the world’s first atomic bomb. Trinitite is the glassy residue found on the desert floor after the plutonium-based Trinity nuclear bomb was detonated on July 16, 1945, in New Mexico. As one of the most distinctive artifacts from atomic testing history, shoppers can give the gift of authentic pieces of Trinitite from the Ralph Pray Collection found in 1952 at the test site. Pieces of Trinitite come in a variety of sizes and colors.

Fat Man and Little Boy Bottle Stoppers
Available for $20 each, the museum offers one-of-a-kind Fat Man and Little Boy bottle stoppers designed after the atomic weapons detonated on the Japanese cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima during World War II.

Fat Man and Little Boy Keychains
Featuring designs including the Little Boy bomb and Fat Man bomb, the museum offers keychains, which make unique stocking stuffers. Each keychain is available for $10.

Plush Alien Toy
Perfect for children, the museum offers plush alien toys with removable hoodies. This item is available for $14.

Fat Man and Little Boy Pins
Available for $6 each, the museum offers the Fat Man bomb and the Little Boy bomb pins.

Ideal for young children, teens and the whole family, Alien8 is a fun, exciting way to practice math. Available for $10.95, the game challenges players to quickly answer questions in order to become the last astronaut standing to defeat the aliens.

Monopoly World War II – We Are All In This Together Board Game
In Monopoly’s World War II edition, players can learn the history of the brave men and women who faced the global spread of tyranny. The game includes historic events such as Pearl Harbor, D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge as well as custom tokens. This game is available for $50.

Alien Socks
The Atomic Museum offers extraterrestrial alien socks available for $10 per pair. These socks are available in one size fits all.

Fat Man and Little Boy Earrings
Featuring designs with the Little Boy bomb and the Fat Man bomb, the museum offers atomic-themed earrings. Earrings start at $17.50 each.

The Atomic Museum offers an extensive collection of t-shirts, including designs depicting Bikini Atoll, the Periodic Table, atoms and more. Prices vary and all t-shirts are on sale now through the end of the year.

“Images of America – Nevada Test Site” by Peter W. Merlin
From the best-selling Images of America book series, readers can dive into the photographic history of the Nevada Test Site. Available for $23.99, the book features the most iconic atmospheric tests conducted between 1951 and 1962. 

Gift of Atomic Museum Membership
In addition to the Top Secret membership bundle, the museum offers six additional tiers of membership. Top membership tiers, such as the Megaton tier available for $5,000 and the Neutron tier available for $2,500, include access to the Nevada National Security Sites private group tour. 

The Atomic Museum is operated and maintained by its parent company, the Nevada Test Site Historical Foundation (NTSHF), an IRS 501(c)3 charitable, non-profit organization chartered in Nevada. The Atomic Museum is one of 37 museums designated as an Affiliate Partner of the Smithsonian Institution and is a repository for one of the most comprehensive collections of nuclear history in the world. Covering nuclear history beginning with the first test at the Nevada Test Site on January 27, 1951, the Atomic Museum’s exhibitions and programming also address current affairs related to the nuclear industry.  For more information, go to and follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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