April 2, 2016


We can talk for days about the evergreen value of good media coverage.

Everyone loves good publicity and it’s no secret that people trust others’ opinions – including journalists – more than paid advertisements and marketing campaigns.

Brands can sing their own praises all day and barely move the needle, but one positive story from a trusted publication could potentially change a business’ trajectory.  Journalists, who curate their coverage organically, have historically held influence over the masses, and despite the rapid change in the media landscape, they still do. In fact, their influence has only expanded. Journalists dominate social media – especially Twitter – and together with their media outlets, they have garnered global audiences eager to consume their latest beat.

That 500-word story about your CEO in a local print publication can now be shared across multiple platforms with a worldwide reach – adding further value to the earned coverage.

Integrating Press Coverage into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

But, it’s not just up to the journalists, media outlets or their readers to share your story. You have the power to stretch that coverage to an even broader audience with a few simple steps and a small budget.

Here are a few strategies for getting the most out of your press:

1.      Add recent stories and mentions to your social media content lineup. Curating quality, consistent content can often feel like an overwhelming task that never ends and that’s where your press coverage can offer significant help. An article can easily be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can also post the article link in your bios on your social channels like Instagram. Pro Tip: Don’t forget to tag the media outlet or journalist in your post.

2.      Boost that content with paid promotions. Promoted tweets and boosted Facebook posts can help you reach targeted audiences with a small budget. Pro Tip: Utilize paid boosts moderately so your audience doesn’t confuse that awesome article for paid editorial coverage.

3.      Reach out to relevant social media brands and influencers. Whether it’s a neighboring business or an influential brand advocate, make sure your recent press coverage is on their radar and see if they’d be open to sharing the story. Pro Tip: Be sure to regularly share content from fellow brands, peers and influencers. This will help build relationships and increase the amount folks sharing your content.

4.      Thank the journalist. A quick tweet to acknowledge the media outlet and journalist who just covered your brand is a must. Your local news station just had you on their morning program to show off your summer grilling tips? Great! Thank them! Pro Tip: Good manners go a long way.

5.      Share your recent press coverage in your marketing materials including your newsletters and website. You got press! That’s fantastic and there’s no shame in a little boasting. Besides, sharing the media coverage is a win-win for all parties. The outlets and journalists appreciate more readers, your press team likes seeing their efforts highlighted and you get to share your recent accolades. Pro Tip: Extract quotes from your press coverage and use it in new business development materials.  A positive quip from a revered outlet can go a long way in building customer or client relationships.

There you have it! A great story can reach a larger audience than ever – making an excellent PR strategy a vital piece of your overall marketing efforts. Need help getting that coveted press coverage? Vox Solid is here to help.