June 2, 2015


Our Las Vegas PR firm often works with well-known Las Vegas attractions, tour companies and some of Las Vegas’ best restaurants—but we also are passionate about our community. One of our local non-profit clients, Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada, recently tasked us with a request outside the scope of our typical public relations services. They’re hosting the September gala, Dessert Before Dinner. As part of their décor, they wanted a lemonade stand—a cute photo opportunity for chefs and Girl Scouts to pose behind and to display cookies on. The only question our team had: who would make it?


Lucky for me, my husband and his best friend are pretty good with building and crafting. They’ve worked together to assemble several things for our homes— I thought this shouldn’t be too hard. But it turns out, it’s not so easy either.

Krissi, Vox’s online community manager, Andrew, David and I met at Lowe’s for our supplies. The boys had measurements in mind and notes prepared. Note– this wasn’t going to be your average, make-shift lemonade stand. Thi

s had to be tall enough for full-grown adults, look good in media coverage and be sturdy enough to be transported to a couple different venues. We went through the aisles to find which materials would not only work but be most cost effective. We had a budget to stick to so creativity was our friend. Instead of using expensive wood for the front, we decorated it with fence planks (around $1.50 each—sold.) To save on paint costs, I recycled Girl Scout cookie boxes and created their logo out of several that I glued together then cut out in the shape I needed. Not only was their trademark on the stand this way, but we got a pop of color that really worked. The rest of the structure was to be painted white (classic, clean), green (as close to “Girl Scout green” as we could find) and yellow (to play up the lemonade theme).

The results were great; we managed to stay under budget, finished in the expected timeframe and loved how it looked in the print and broadcast news media that published it. Because David and I only worked on it after work and on weekends, it took about three weeks to complete from start to finish. Not bad for a project that our client can use for years to come.

This was such a fun twist on the traditional event planning services we assist our clients with. I can’t wait to see unique idea the Vox Solid Communications team or any of our clients will come up with next—we’ll definitely be consulting Pinterest for artsy wisdom, whatever it is.

For more information about Girl Scouts’ Dessert Before Dinner, or to register for the event, please visit