March 20, 2021

Top Fitness Influencers To Watch In 2021

With at-home workouts and healthy cooking tips increasing in popularity this past year, brands incorporating fitness influencers into public relations, marketing and social media campaigns can reach highly engaged target audiences through the use of influencer marketing.

Fitness influencers can connect wellness and lifestyle brands with potential customers on a deeper level because of their raw, unedited personal experiences with products and services. Influencer marketing offers higher levels of authenticity than traditional advertisements because influencer content gives honest reviews and insight.

With thousands of notable fitness influencers sharing content on social media platforms, opportunities also exist for businesses to partner with influencers meeting their specific needs. From yoga and Pilates to weightlifting, running, swimming, CrossFit, cardio and more, each influencer creates content for their following comprising specific demographics with particular interests.

Recently, Insider created a list of 50 Fitness Influencers You Should Follow on Instagram. Read on to learn more about some of our favorites from this list as well as  our favorite Las Vegas-based fitness influencers (in alphabetical order) providing their followers with helpful fitness tips, workouts, motivation and more:

COURTNEY FEARON | @courtneyfearon_

Checking in with Nike trainer Courtney Fearon makes an excellent start to any day. Fearon’s content consists of uplifting messages and motivational quotes. Featuring activities ranging from biking to weightlifting, Fearon showcases an array of ways to get in shape. In addition, he also showcases his favorite workout shoes and athletic gear for his followers.

DANI CAPANNA | @danicfitness

Dani Capanna is a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach and nutrition dietetics technician with a master’s degree in clinical nutrition and dietetics. She owns of Dani C Fitness, LLC, offering one-on-one training, group training and recommended meal plans. A Las Vegas native, Capanna continues to work and train locally, and her social media feed consists of family content, workouts and motivational quotes.

DEREK PERDUE | @derekperdue8

Las Vegas celebrity trainer, fitness and nutrition specialist Derek Perdue also owns a fitness company. To achieve optimal results, he checks in with clients every 30 to 45 days to take measurements and progress photos. His Instagram content includes motivational quotes and transformation photos of his clients’ fitness journeys.

JENNY FRANCIS | @jennyfrancis23

Jenny Francis’s page features content such as live workouts, dispatches from her personal fitness journey and helpful health and nutrition tips. Her live, at-home workout videos are distinctive because they offer followers almost an hour of instruction rather than just a few minutes of programming. Showcasing stretching videos, HIIT workouts, low impact interval training, yoga and more, Francis offers followers of all fitness levels ways to get in shape. In addition, she is an editor at Results Wellness Lifestyle Magazine, a level-three personal trainer and an F45 training coach.

SARAH MARTINEZ | @sarah_martinez_cf

Sarah Martinez owns Circuit Fitness, a luxury, boutique gym offering circuit-based training in Las Vegas. In addition to her role as the owner of Circuit Fitness, Martinez is also a personal trainer and nutrition coach. Her social media content consists of inspiring transformation photos, diet and nutrition tips and inspiring mindfulness-based content.

SONJA GRAFF | @soulfulsavagesonja

From battling Fibromyalgia to overcoming her addiction to alcohol, Sonja Graff shares inspirational content on her Instagram and her website, Graff inspires women of all ages to turn chronic pain and insecurities into a passion for wellness and inner peace. Her online program, Soulful Savage Wellness & Healing, emphasizes four core pillars, including the carnivore diet, exercise, soul coaching and accountability.

SOPHIE BRACE | @sophiebrace_fit

Fitness guru Sophie Brace isn’t afraid to show off her magnificent flexibility. On social media, Brace shares helpful healthy lifestyle tips with Instagram users. Her feed showcases an array of impressive flips and flexibility challenges to inspire followers. She encourages her audience to stay motivated and achieve their fitness goals by sharing inspirational stories and personal experiences.

TONY CRESS | @tonycress

Las Vegas-based movement and nutrition coach Tony Cress has more than 23 years of experience in the field of nutrition, Cress seeks to help followers understand their personal eating patterns and behaviors rather than turning to fad diets and programs for results. On social media, Cress showcases his areas of expertise including strength training, weight loss, sports injury recovery and wellness.

Finding the ideal influencer for your brand’s unique target audience can be overwhelming. With thousands of influencers sharing content daily on social media, it can be challenging to find the right partnership for your brand’s needs. With the proper social media strategy, a notable fitness influencer aligned with your brand’s mission can raise brand awareness, drive sales and engage large audiences in conversations about particular topics.

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By Gia Barone