November 7, 2023

Social Media Trends for Businesses in 2024

As social media platforms continue to rapidly grow and change every year, so do trends and emerging technology. It is evident that marketers are developing new ways to produce content for clients on social media. Whether it is partnering with influencers and content creators or using artificial intelligence, businesses need to be on the lookout for the trends that will help them find success on social media.

Read on to learn about top social media trends businesses should follow in 2024.


One of the easiest and most impactful ways to increase awareness of your brand is to partner with content creators and influencers. According to Sprout Social, influencer and creator content will hit 10 trillion views per month across all platforms this year. Influencers and creators are not bound to traditional advertising structures and offer the power to persuade their viewers to purchase and use products in ways that are unique and relatable to them. Forbes also says in 2023, 50% of Millennials place their trust in the recommendations of influencers they follow. The purchasing power influencers hold is one businesses cannot afford to skip out on.


Going hand-in-hand with creator partnerships is exuding authenticity as a brand on social media. While influencers have the ability to create content that is personable to their followers, businesses should also follow this format of being more relatable online. found that 68% of Americans don’t think that companies share interesting content. 32% of people are also more likely to purchase something from a positive and comforting ad, according to the same study. Forbes also found a whopping 88% of Millennials value authenticity in the influencers they follow. Based on this data, businesses could benefit by pivoting from a formal tone commonly used in traditional advertising to a more relatable and authentic brand voice.


Artificial intelligence tools such as Chat GPT, for written word, Synthesia, for video creation, and Lexica, for images, are resources that can help businesses produce content faster than ever. AI tools such as these can provide ease and convenience, as well as saving time and money, according to Sendible. While businesses should leverage these resources, it is important to be aware that AI content may lack a unique brand personality and the authentic factor that a majority of people value in their content consumption, according to Forbes. Businesses should use AI tools wisely and review the AI content thoroughly to ensure the content matches their brand.


Businesses should be prioritizing their social media accounts due to the rise in younger generations researching companies through their social media rather than using a search engine. Based on Hootsuite’s 2023 trend report, 50% of 16- to 24-year-olds use social networks to research brands they’re interested in buying from. Older age groups only marginally still use search engines over social networks, but this trend is seemingly on the rise as numbers have increased since the 2022 report. Hootsuite also found keyword optimization captions increased reach by 30% compared to hashtags. This means businesses should utilize keyword SEO in their captions and bios over hashtags, and shows the imperativeness for businesses to keep their social media alive and updated.

In the dynamic world of social media in 2023, businesses must leverage certain trends in order to be successful. Among these trends, content creator partnerships stand out as a powerful strategy, with influencers and creators wielding considerable influence over consumer decisions. Authenticity has become a prized quality in the digital realm, with relatability being a key factor in engaging with audiences effectively. Artificial intelligence (AI) tools offer businesses the means to produce content more efficiently, though they must balance this convenience with maintaining their unique brand personality. Lastly, the shift towards social SEO over traditional search engines and hashtags is reshaping how businesses connect with younger audiences, underlining the importance of a vibrant and up-to-date social media presence.

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By Alexa Miller