October 11, 2022


With more than 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok is a vital social media platform for digital marketers. According to a study commissioned by TikTok, “43 percent of its users try something or go somewhere new after seeing it at least once on the platform.”

Additionally, influencer collaborations on TikTok can help brands grow and attract new customers. Local food and beverage influencers are a strategic resource to help restaurants and bars gain more exposure through their large followings comprised of key target audiences.

Read on to learn about some of Las Vegas’ top food and beverage TikTok influencers (in alphabetical order):


Chris Brown (@cb.lasvegas on TikTok) is a Las Vegas realtor who eats and explores all over the valley. He showcases real estate, bars, and must-see restaurants with his 56.2k followers.


Emily Romero (@eatmelasvegas on TikTok) is a self-proclaimed professional eater with over 52k followers. She highlights some of the best Las Vegas eats, from fancy restaurants to street food.


Greg Chin (@greg.lasvegas on TikTok) shares how to live in Vegas like a local. From amazing properties to the best bars and restaurants, Greg has taught over 160k followers what it is like to live in Las Vegas.


Haley (@hanginwithhaley on TikTok) creates content about food, lifestyle, beauty, and skincare for her 55.3k followers. She also shares delicious cooking videos on TikTok and her blog.


Suzy Hendrix (@happytummy_702 on TikTok) presents eye-catching food tutorials with her 722.4k followers. In addition, she visits tasty restaurants all around the Las Vegas valley to show behind-the-scenes clips of how their food is prepared.


Damian Ocampo (@hookedlv on TikTok) highlights local dining on his page with over 830k followers. He shares his favorite items from each restaurant with vibrant videos and strong voiceovers. From breakfast to dessert, his page is filled with diverse dining options.


With nearly 130k followers, Ranae (@hungryinvegas on TikTok) captures delicious treats all over town. She also posts her own cooking videos, including her viral chicken and dumpling slow cooker recipe.


Andi (@lasvegasblogger on TikTok) acts as a local guide on her page with over 282k followers. She presents the best dining, attractions, and entertainment options, as well as her tips and tricks for seeing Las Vegas on a budget.


Lluvia (@lasvegaschicas on TikTok) creates content focused on Las Vegas’ fantastic restaurant and nightlife scene, such as Minus5° ICEBAR. Her page with nearly 106k followers offers family-friendly outdoor activities around the valley as well.


With mouth-watering clips of delectable food, Philip Tzeng (@lasvegasfill on TikTok) shares amazing eateries both on and off the Strip with his 428.5k followers. From a $4.99 breakfast burrito to a $250 nine-course meal, there is something on his page for everyone.


Las Vegas-based content creator Codi Musler (@local.livin_ on TikTok) explores cities like a local. She captures close-up clips of delicious meals and shares unique dining experiences, like Mt. Charleston’s Pine Dining series, with her 238k followers.


With amusing voiceovers, Talia (@tallzz_on TikTok) posts honest reviews of Las Vegas’ diverse selection of food, drinks, and experiences with her 200.6k followers. In addition, she visits various ethnic markets to reveal unique product finds, such as the Melona mochi at MVP Korean Mini Mart.


Lindsay Stewart (@thelasvegasfoodie on TikTok) eats all over Vegas to exhibit her one-of-a-kind finds. She captures dishes and drinks being prepared with their menu prices to share with her 628.5k followers.


Local tour guide Heather (@vegasknowitall on TikTok) conveys her ideas and reviews about everything relating to Las Vegas. With over 251k followers, Heather has plenty of recommendations to find the best bars and restaurants around town.


Jen (@vegasstarfish on TikTok) posts both luxury and budget options for dining, attractions, and hotels to help her 867.6k followers plan their best vacation. Each video offers a closer look into all things Las Vegas.

With the proper social media strategy, these Las Vegas food and beverage influencers can help local businesses gain more exposure and boost sales. To learn more about how The Vox Agency can help strategically create and execute an influencer campaign, contact us.

By Eliana Gorov