August 2, 2015


This next blog installment is for media. Bloggers. Writers. Photographers. Our agency is based in Las Vegas. Naturally, we receive a steady stream of media requests for our clients. Ranging from a quick 10 minute interview with an executive to a 2-day photo shoot, if there is a media crew coming to Las Vegas, we know about it.

We know media live hectic lives with extremely tight, intense deadlines. But help us help you. Here are some tips for first-time media before you call:

-Check the calendar: We used to say July was a slow time of year due to the summer heat. Just this past year, we have heard from numerous PR colleagues say, “Now it seems there is no slow time of the year.” That said, if you’re coming to Las Vegas, check convention calendars and event calendars. If there’s a big event happening, chances are everyone is full.

-Come during the week: Weekends are a very busy time in Las Vegas. Leisure visitors are filling the rooms, restaurants and attractions. Monday through Wednesday are the best days of the week to visit.

-Number of guests: Particularly during Spring Break and summer, we receive a lot of requests for families. As Las Vegas’ visitor profile continues to diversify, it’s no surprise media want to bring kids. We understand that but please disclose that upfront. Oftentimes, restaurants may not be as kid-friendly or an attraction might be as appropriate for the little ones. If we know upfront exactly how many people are coming, we can do our best to assist.

-No bachelor parties: You should definitely come to Las Vegas for a bachelor or bachelorette party. But don’t ask for a comp on a Saturday night for 8 people and say it’s for “research.”

-PR people talk: It’s a small town. We can definitely help secure additional components of your trip and/or connect you to the right person.

We hope these tips help! We can’t wait to see you in 2016…