June 2, 2015


Isn’t it ironic?

We’re a PR and marketing agency. Our clients span and media outreach span the globe. Yet, when it comes to marketing ourselves, it’s always a to do that seems to fall further and further down the to do list.

Long overdue for professional photos, we finally took a moment and to take much-needed shots not only of us as individuals but also as a group. We incorporated the same advice we give clients when scouting for a location: select what not only visually fits your business but is also you. The area needs to reflect your collective personalities and speak volumes without a word.

Online Community Manager Krissi Reeves did a phenomenal job by finding the perfect spot at the News Café at the Inspire Theater. The place fit everything we needed. The décor was sleek yet industrial with walls adorned with glossy magazines from around the world and from numerous niches. The finishing touch? The walls were painted with the same signature purple we use for our company.

VoxSolid 0691Completing the photo shoot success was Photographer Isaac Brekken. We initially met him years ago during a photo shoot as he was there on behalf of New York Times. He has a great eye for natural light, keeping his subjects comfortable and quickly capturing the photos.

One sunny Thursday afternoon, we all came together at the News Cafe for one amazing photo shoot that resulted in pictures that we truly feel express who we are as a company. (One colleague is even framing her headshot for her husband’s desk.)

Bottom line: when shooting photos, they key is selecting a photographer who you’re comfortable and in an environment that visually expresses who you are.