January 2, 2018


I spent the first 10 of my 20+ years in this career in broadcast journalism. Early on, I developed an appreciation for visuals that were quick and to-the-point, yet conveyed a message. Of all social media feeds, this is the reason I’ve really taken to Instagram. As such, here are feeds I follow:

@BuzzfeedTasty: The food is just enough to be visually tantalizing to look at but just far enough out of my reach that I don’t think for a moment that I’m going to cook that myself tonight for dinner. Sprinkle in a few funny memes and I’m happy.

@ToryBurch: It never ceases to amaze me how pretty and serene Tory Burch seems to be. (She so does not look 50.) I love seeing posts about people and places inspiring their designs, e.g. Jackie Kennedy and the occasional sketch of next season’s shoe.

@NotCommonFacts: Here are some fun talking points for your next cocktail party – Ryan Reynolds failed acting class. The human brain essentially named itself.  Men who kiss their wives before leaving for work get into fewer accidents. A polar bear’s skin in black. There’s more where this comes from. Now you know. You’re welcome.

@MotivationMafia: Some days I do need to be reminded I am never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream, gosh darn it. Whew, I needed that pick me up.

@ScaryMommy: As the queen of my blue kingdom, it’s fun to see my thoughts turned into memes. Yes, raising kids is my cardio. I do indeed whisper to myself, “I need to stop” as I click “Next Episode.” Even their Boomerangs give me a midday laugh.

(Honorable mention for this goes to @BigCityMoms.)

by Marina Nicola