August 2, 2016


As a Las Vegas public relations agency, we have a great variety of travel and tourism clients and we love getting to be a part of their team.  We believe in our brands and enjoy getting to tell their stories.

One of the most tedious, but also most rewarding parts of our company’s responsibilities is providing reports every month showing all of the coverage we secured.  This is crucial to the value of our strategic PR efforts because after all, if a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, did it make a sound?  If an outlet covers our clients, but we don’t track it, did it really run?

So I take great pride in calling this one of my main responsibilities at Vox Solid.  At any given time while working on these reports, I have about five different web sites open I use to track coverage.  Google is my best friend.  It is amazing what you can find!  I don’t often limit my search to Google news because I find it misses a lot, but I do limit it by date range.  That seems to be a huge help.

We also use companies like Vocus and Compete to get the impressions each hit generates.  This is like gold to me.  Being able to show our client not just a beautiful clip, but also share with them how many impressions it generates brings the wow factor to the table.

Recently we had a special event for one of our clients and the report showcased more than seven billion impressions.  That was a new record for us, and the client.  This isn’t how it goes everyday, but we sure do celebrate those kind of moments.

Las Vegas is a fantastic city and thankfully journalists are never tired of covering it.  This equals constant media coverage to read through and track, but in my book that’s a great problem to have.

Our reports are a great mirror reflecting all our team’s hard work and the value of our outreach for our clients business.  At the end of the day, all of the tedious work is more than worth it.